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Normally op-ed writers take victory laps. This is closer to a mea culpa. However, I’m convinced there is at least one more act to this play. Yesterday’s article (boy, should I have put a time stamp on that one!) assumed the Wagner Group’s actions would last at least a bit longer. Well, on the surface at least, it didn’t work out that way.

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A Change Of Plans. More Questions Than Answers

I’ll start today by paraphrasing the 1966 Buffalo Springfield song, For What It’s Worth: there’s something’s happening there, but what it is ain’t exactly clear. Yevgeny Progozhin’s Wagner Group, (which is basically a private “mercenary” army largely composed of freed Russian non-political prisoners), has turned on Vladimir Putin and the Russian military and is now reportedly marching on Moscow. That’s a thumbnail version, the situation is extremely dynamic and reliable reports out of the region are close to non-existent. I had other plans for today’s article’s subject matter but needless to say, that changed.

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