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In Play And DeSantis Beats Trump?

I have yet to sit down and “game out” an Electoral College map for 2024. My Senate review/predictions to date have all been clearly denoted as preliminary and subject to change. That said, my thinking constantly evolves. Today I’ve got Florida on my mind.

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Extremely Cautiously Optimistic

There is a long way between here and Election Day, let alone any possible shenanigans afterwards, but I’m feeling extremely cautiously optimistic and I’d like to share my thoughts on that topic with you today.

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2023 Progressive Of The Year

When you first read the name of the 2023 recipient you will ask “Who?” After you read a bit about her you’ll say, “Now I remember”. After I lay out my logic you will say. “I agree!”.

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Will They Vote Policy?

I guarantee you that if you go into most rooms – sort of running your own (but uncontrolled) focus group – and don’t identify a political persuasion but just talk policy you will find a tremendous amount of common ground and agreement with progressive leaning policies. It’s when the labels get attached that too many Americans become partisans. The best recent example of this is that the Affordable Care Act had a nine percentage point higher approval rating than Obamacare did. If you are scratching your head, you are correct – they are the same thing.

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