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The Last One Will Surprise You

Today is Thanksgiving in America. Between football games and too much eating it is traditional for Americans to give thanks for the good things in their lives. That very much includes progressives. I have prepared a list of things progressives should be thankful for and I think the last one will initially surprise you. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Last One Will Surprise You

Maternal Motivation

As we come into the closing days of the 2018 campaign the number one thing on the minds of Democratic candidates and campaign managers should be getting motivatable voters who are predisposed to vote Democratic to the polls. The best prospects are women. Let’s explore. Continue reading Maternal Motivation

Some Campaign Ammo (And Maybe Some Venting)

As I write this the forecast is that Hurricane Florence is headed my way. Because I am some sixty odd miles inland, I will not get a direct hit nor do I have to worry about storm surge. The loss of power and/or flooding is the worst case scenario but nonetheless the real possibility of either could severely impact my ability to write and post. With Friday and Saturday being “dark days” and my desire to stay at least somewhat timely if you don’t see a posting on Sunday I could be down for a bit. Hopefully not, but for now let’s explore. Continue reading Some Campaign Ammo (And Maybe Some Venting)

Tainted Nomination

Today I’m joining the ever-growing chorus of those asking for the Senate Democrats to do everything in their power to reject the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Let’s explore. Continue reading Tainted Nomination

My President Is A Liar!

Yes, Donald Trump is my President and that of all Americans’ whether we like it or not. By the rules and laws under which we conduct American presidential elections he won; it is that plain and simple. That does not in any way alter the fact that he is a liar. The word lie and any of its derivative forms is not normally used in political discourse and certainly not in anything resembling polite political writing; these are not normal times. Saturday I saw a glimmer of hope in our situation. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is A Liar!