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American Burials

Over the last few days most of the political attention has been focused on the Supreme Court vacancy. Rightfully so, but there is much else going on in both America and the world. I’d like to address one aspect of that today. Let’s explore. Continue reading American Burials

Incompetence, Stupidity And Evil

The title of today’s article basically sums up President Trump and his most vocal supporters as they have acted over the course of Coronagate thus far. There is plenty to try and unpack so let’s explore. Continue reading Incompetence, Stupidity And Evil

My President Is Incredibly Bad At His Job

I wasn’t around during the Buchanan administration which is generally considered to be the worst in American history. The administrations of Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover brought about the Great Depression, but that predated me too. I was around for the George W. Bush administration which among other things gave rise to the Great Recession. Donald Trump may or may not be the worst American president ever, but he is certainly in the discussion. Let’s explore.   Continue reading My President Is Incredibly Bad At His Job

The Danger Of Willful Ignorance And Incompetence

Ignorance is excusable and a fact of life. It is impossible to know everything. A personal example is that as I entered what I call Phase II of my retirement late last month I joined a classics book club which I will attend my first meeting of later this week. Reading the classics was a gap in my education and I’m trying to plug it a bit. Willful ignorance is not knowing on purpose and acting as if you did. That is how the Trump administration is operating and it is a danger to America and the rest of the planet. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Danger Of Willful Ignorance And Incompetence

Some Quickies

I just wanted to do some quick hits on a number of topics in my notes and inbox – that’s my come up filing system for writing. Hopefully I’ll make you scratch your head and/or chuckle a time or more as you read this. Let’s explore. Continue reading Some Quickies