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Thoughts And Quotes

Today I have much to say and insufficient space in which to express it all. Constraints in mind, here I go on a mission destined to fail. Continue reading Thoughts And Quotes


I don’t know if the inspiration for this article came more from conversations with my wife or a New York Times article.  In any event Joe Biden will be faced with a housekeeping task as he takes over the presidency.  Let’s explore. Continue reading Housekeeping

It’s More Than Just Trump

If polling is to be believed – and it was much more accurate in 2016 than most people give it credit for – if the election were held today Donald Trump would lose by a substantial margin. Hopefully that both holds up and is sufficient to offset the cheating that is already happening and will only get worse as we near Election Day and after. However that is insufficient. Trump is merely the chief clown and spokesperson; the evil runs much deeper. Let’s explore.   Continue reading It’s More Than Just Trump

Tales Of The 2020 GOP Platform

Please correct me if I am wrong but I cannot remember a national political party convention that did not issue a platform and I started following conventions in 1960. These days only nerds actually read the platforms but they are the basic philosophy that a Party runs on that year. The 2020 Republican National Convention chose not to issue one; that speaks volumes! Let’s explore. Continue reading Tales Of The 2020 GOP Platform