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Hometown Connection

The word is that you can never go home again. I was born in Buffalo, New York and grew up in an adjacent suburb. I have no desire to return to Western New York (other than perhaps a visit – it’s a great place to eat). Having lived there for the first 47 years of my life it will always be a part of me. If I notice someone is from there I tend to pay just a little bit more attention especially if we share an alma mater. That can be both good and bad. New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg is a fellow Western New York native and SUNY-Buffalo alum. I follow her work and suggest you do also. Michael Caputo was born in Buffalo, off and on lived in Western New York and attended SUNY-Buffalo. The three of us are certainly not alike. Let’s explore. Continue reading Hometown Connection

A Few Things

Today’s article is going to be another of those multiple topics covered in brief comments ones. I’ll never get to it all so let’s explore. Continue reading A Few Things

Of Sets And Subsets

The concept is a simple one to comprehend. I learned it in either elementary or junior high school. The bottom line is that it was so early in my education and long ago that I cannot remember the occurrence. Evidentially it is too complex for most Republican elected officials to understand or it is another case of willful ignorance; in this case aided by racism and xenophobia. I trust I have sufficiently piqued your interest to the point you will come along and explore with me.       Continue reading Of Sets And Subsets

Stanley, Tony, Willie And Mike; It’s Time To Get Pissed Off!

This one has been building up inside of me for some time now and today is the day I decided to finally write about it. Those who follow my reading and writing know that I have spent much of the last two years trying to figure out why Rust Belt and Appalachian blue collar workers voted for Trump in 2016. I grew up and was educated in the Rust Belt were I lived (working non-industrial jobs) well into my forties. The names in today’s title represent the friends I had in the four major ethnic groups of my native Western New York. While my reading about Appalachia never answered all my questions; I feel the motivation wasn’t that different than it was in the Rust Belt. Let’s explore my theory and how it is working out for those I left behind in Buffalo and similar cities.       Continue reading Stanley, Tony, Willie And Mike; It’s Time To Get Pissed Off!