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Too Big Or Too Big A Contributor To Regulate?


I don’t know whether it is size or the financial impact of their campaign contributions, but while we were all distracted by Russiagate and three hurricanes the Republicans got half way to passing legislation that takes protections away from the vast majority of Americans and effectively gives a get out of jail free card to several large corporations that thrive by taking advantage of the “little guys and gals”. Let’s explore. Continue reading Too Big Or Too Big A Contributor To Regulate?

Stop It At Its Cause

A few days ago it was revealed that Wells Fargo Bank fired about 5,300 relatively low level employees for opening up unauthorized bank accounts. Tuesday Well Fargo’s CEO John G. Stumpf testified before the Senate Banking Committee. His testimony and facts revealed about this current scandal (and there will be more like it) reinforce an argument I have been making for some time – we need to put some CEO’s in prison. Let’s explore. Continue reading Stop It At Its Cause