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Sneaking Up On You

Today America commemorates Juneteenth as a national holiday for only the second time. I’m willing to bet it will sneak up on a lot of Americans who wonder why there is no mail and many offices are closed. I will offer that it is a day to be cognizant of our political environment and not let something insidious sneak up on us.

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The Lesser Wars

This is my first “live” article coming back from my year end hiatus. I may have taken a few days off from my writing but I certainly didn’t take time off from political conversation. Our military is often criticized for fighting the last war. In that vein, I want to criticize the priorities I hear in progressive political discourse.

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If It Wasn’t A Tragedy It Would Be A Comedy

Every day in the Trump era is more amazing than the preceding one. Tuesday was no exception.  Today’s entire article will cover a few of the events from that day alone.  Let’s explore.  Continue reading If It Wasn’t A Tragedy It Would Be A Comedy