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A Friend In Florida And A Physician In Alabama

On August 16th I published an article entitled, An Argument For COVID Conservatism, in which I argued for individuals taking prudent actions in relation to the pandemic, in other words a conservative path. My good friend and frequent reader, Jeff McKnight, posed the following question in a comment to it: “Would it be unreasonable to deny a hospital bed to an unvaccinated COVID patient in favor of a vaccinated heart attack (etc.) patient?  Just curious.”

On August 18th the Washington Post reported that an Alabama physician, Jason Valentine, was refusing to treat some unvaccinated patients. Those were the two “kicks in the posterior” that gave me the courage to write today’s article.

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Just Two

If a sequel to the movie Star Wars was to be shot with the barroom scene having a crowd lacking in intelligence and integrity the casting would be easy. Just use the Republican Congressional delegation. The examples are extensive but in the interest of brevity I will concentrate on just two today, Kevin McCarthy and Madison Cawthorn.

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I just added Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service by Washington Post writer Carol Leonnig  to the Recommended Reading List.

In it, the always understated Leonnig explores the Secret Service concentrating on the period of the JFK to the Trump administrations.  It will go down as the seminal book on the agency.  Typical of big business and government agencies it has a lot of problems.  It is under resourced  along with a lot of “old boy” and CYA culture issues typical of many police organizations.

The Johnson Problem

If you asked me who the most dangerous member of the United States Senate to America is a week ago I would have said Mitch McConnell. McConnell is powerful, smart, evil, devious, amoral and hypocritical. I’m starting to have second thoughts – it might just be Ron Johnson. Continue reading The Johnson Problem