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Are They Really Different?

Today’s article is a tale of two stories. One told to me in the Summer of 2012 about an event in the 1960s; the other read in the newspaper last weekend of recent events. One takes place in North Carolina, the others in New Mexico. I contend they are at their core largely one in the same.

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Supreme Ideas

With good cause I have often criticized the Supreme Court. I am far from alone. Many ideas have been floated to help reform it. On December 11th, the Washington Post published Jennifer Rubin’s op-ed entitled, There is a path to save the Supreme Court from itself. That was the most comprehensive yet concise articulation of solutions I have read and it, in part, was the catalyst for this article. Continue reading Supreme Ideas

Progressive Sweeping XIII

There is a lot in danger of not making it off the cutting room floor so let’s go. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping XIII

State Leadership?

Not for the first time I had a completely different piece planned for today. Then I read an article in the Washington Post and got motivated. I really meant something else but I’m trying to keep my articles PG. Continue reading State Leadership?

Your Honor?

Today is the first Monday in October which means the Supreme Court begins its new session. For some time, I intended to write this basic article for publishing today. Recent events made that even more compelling.

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