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A Different Feeling

The 4th of July (as most Americans call Independence Day) has been my favorite holiday since I can remember. I have always liked it better than Christmas, my birthday or any other cause for celebration. Perhaps it was because I grew up in Buffalo loving baseball and it was the one holiday where the odds were in favor of baseball weather. The fond memories continued into adulthood, my first date with my wife was on a 4th of July many years ago. This year it just doesn’t feel the same and it’s all because Donald Trump is President. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Different Feeling

A Taxing Decision For The Donald

Many of the articles you will read on this site in early September were written well ahead of time in order to accommodate my travel schedule. There is a risk in doing that. Circumstance may change and the article may be outdated and inaccurate before it ever gets before the reader’s eyes. I’m comfortable that this will not be one of those cases. Today I’d like to talk about why I feel Donald Trump will never release his tax returns to the public. Continue reading A Taxing Decision For The Donald