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Progressive Sweeping LIII

It seems like I’m using this format a lot lately. It actually takes a bit more time to post than my regular format. The big reason is because so much of the political news oxygen is being sucked up by the Israel war, and to a much smaller degree by the House fiasco, that many other things are simply not being covered. This is my inadequate attempt at atonement. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping LIII

Wow. What A Week!

Time stamp: Saturday morning

Traditionally the subject of my Sunday article is the biggest political story of the week just ended. Last week was jam packed and a time stamp was necessary because some of the events are dynamic. The chaos of the Bare Naked Ladies’ hit , One Week, is going through my mind. I’ll never achieve the level of their lyrics, a generation will not memorize my words, but hold on, here we go.

Continue reading Wow. What A Week!

Cops In Donut Shops

I will admit the inspiration for today’s title came from a rather lighthearted song: The Bangals’ 1986 hit Walk Like an Egyptian; but today’s topic is very serious. America is at its lowest point in police-community relations since the 1960’s. I certainly can neither solve nor completely discuss that in a few hundred words but I’d like to explore two words of the solution: community policing. Continue reading Cops In Donut Shops