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Oh, There Is More

Today’s article is basically a continuation of Sunday’s and certainly of the catch up variety. I am including one new item which I will commence with because much is destined to be left on the cutting room floor.

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Yes, It Really Happened

There is no need to make things up (unless you are a present day Republican trying to justify your position) because the truth gives you more material than you can possibly cover in five op-eds a week. If you haven’t figured it out by now today’s article is another catch up attempt.

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Another Thursday Clean Up

It’s not a rule but it seems a lot of my Thursday articles are of the clean up variety. This will certainly be one of them. Continue reading Another Thursday Clean Up

Malarkey And The Unknown

There is a lot of downright laughable disinformation out there mainly being dispensed by Trump and his allies. I’ll cover a bit of that today. Also, as you attempt to evaluate where we stand in relation to 1/6 and the Trump administration keep in mind that there is a huge gap between what is publicly reported (in other words we know) and what is known.

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