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Progressive Sweeping I

Finding a title for my cleanup articles is often one of the most difficult things I do. Today I think I finally stumbled on a both good and accurate one. Typical of a progressive, I want to “sweep” issues before the eyes of the public. The other side tends to sweep their sins under the rug and out of the sight of all but the most well informed. While it may be incomplete, it is “good sweeping” (yes, the inspiration for that phrase comes from the late John Lewis), expect to see that title used again and often. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping I

Be Careful Out There

I will admit (rather proudly) that I am among the most cautious when it comes to exposing myself to COVID-19. That is mainly due to a fortunate convergence of circumstances and prudence. I fully realize not everyone is as lucky as I am in most if not all of those categories but that still doesn’t excuse irresponsible behavior.

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Here It Comes Again?

There is a lot going on as I sit down to pen this. A shooting war in Europe, democracy under attack (OK, with the preceding that may be a bit redundant), domestic inflation (albeit transitional), gas prices (again, perhaps redundant), Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings, voter suppression efforts, voter nullification effort, the war on women, the war on public education, inequity and of course climate change just to name a few. Today I want to talk a bit about COVID and a trend I may have spotted in the bud.

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Commencing Year Three

On St. Patrick’s Day 2020 I went to see my Primary Care Provider for a routine check up. When I came home I went into self-imposed home confinement for several months in reaction to the pandemic. Early this morning I’m seeing Cathy again and when I return my self imposed out of prudence restrictions will be nowhere near as strict but I’m certainly not foolish enough to sound the all clear. Continue reading Commencing Year Three