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GOP, Your Pillar Is Showing

I have long maintained that one of the three pillars holding up the modern version of the Republican party is the promotion of ignorance. There are undoubtedly more, but today I’ll juxtapose just two recent actions that prove me correct.

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A Dozen Reasons To Vote For Trump And Republicans This Year

Notice: In order to quote the President accurately I had to include a word that is a derivative of one of the late George Carlin’s seven dirty words.

I spend so much time telling people reasons not to vote for Donald Trump and his Republican sycophants that I thought I’d devote an article to reasons to vote for them. I believe Shakespeare called it comic relief. We could all use some so let’s explore. Continue reading A Dozen Reasons To Vote For Trump And Republicans This Year

Ahead From Behind

For a variety of reasons the fourth quarter always seemed to be a heavily constrained time of the year for me. This has continued into my “retirement”. Part of the reason this year is the plethora of impeachment hearings which take up tons of hours to watch (and I watch most of them). That is far from the only political news. Today (Saturday morning) I will write ahead while catching up with the news that I’m behind commenting on. Let’s explore. Continue reading Ahead From Behind


I just added The Common Good by Robert Reich to the Recommended Reading List.  This effort by current Cal-Berkley professor and former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton may be just a tad Pollyannaish but it is nonetheless hopeful and correct.   Reich asks people to set aside greed and self-interest instead to focus on what is good for us as a collective America.


I just added The New Geography of Jobs by Enrico Moretti to the Recommended Reading section.   Cal-Berkley economics professor Moretti studies why jobs locate where they do in this fascinating and revealing work.    Many of the key factors (and beneficiaries) defy what some would call conventional wisdom.

If you are a local elected official or hold a decision making spot in local government or public education I think this is a must read.   I warn my political junkies that while it will inform you it is written to be apolitical.