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Progressive Sweeping LX

There is certainly plenty of “clean up” work for me to do so I won‘t waste much space on an intro today.

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Two Courts

The best laid plans…well, you know how the rest of that goes. I had a completely different article already posted and ready to go for today and then the courts struck compelling me to write this screed. (Waste not, want not. I “recycled” the other article to later in the month.) Continue reading Two Courts

Progressive Sweeping LV

After my hiatus this format was inevitable. The only questions are will one day be sufficient and how much will I miss. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping LV

Progressive Sweeping XLIX

Fast and furious; that is how the political news keeps coming in. Today I’ll try and briefly comment on some of it.

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Why It Won’t Work; At Least Not In Time

Of late there has been much said about Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment as it may pertain to Donald Trump. I thought that today I would start with the text and then give my opinions about how it may or may not apply in this case especially considering the printing of the 2024 ballots. Continue reading Why It Won’t Work; At Least Not In Time