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The Endorsement Of Tim Ryan

This is one of the more unusual endorsements that tellthetruthonthem.com has made over the years. The endorsee is far from a pure progressive. In fact, he has morphed and continues to morph toward a progressive viewpoint as time goes on. It would be fair to currently describe him as a left-leaning moderate. Inside Democratic party politics I have not always agreed with every position and action he has taken. All that said Tim Ryan is far and away the best candidate for the open U. S. Senate seat from Ohio and tellthetruthonthem.com wholeheartedly endorses him! Continue reading The Endorsement Of Tim Ryan

My President Is A Victim (Or At Least He Plays One On TV)

I have spent much time since the 2016 election trying to figure out why so many people from Appalachia and the Rust Belt voted for Donald Trump. Having been born, raised and educated in the Rust Belt I should be able to figure that one out and to a great degree have. I’ve done a ton of reading trying to unlock the Appalachia mystery. I think I may have stumbled on a common link: the victim card. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is A Victim (Or At Least He Plays One On TV)

A Sad Day For American Labor

Donald Trump is President of the United States; a correctable error as we said in basketball. (I won’t take time to explain a rather complex rule which I used to know by heart.) Today is Labor Day which since 1884 America has reserved to honor labor and take pride in what the toil of its workers has accomplished for this country. That’s a juxtaposition best likened to oil and water. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Sad Day For American Labor