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Sunshine On A Rainy Morning

It is a relatively rare rainy morning in the Triangle region of North Carolina as I begin to pen this article. However a huge “ray of sunshine” arrived mid-morning from Washington, D.C and really brightened my and every thinking American’s day. Let’s explore. Continue reading Sunshine On A Rainy Morning

Slowdown On The (Br)exit

In any other week this would have been my Sunday article which I often reserve for the biggest political story of the preceding week. Alas, I’m an American and the Election is Tuesday. Potentially the biggest thing that happened in global politics this week was the UK’s High Court ruling that declared Parliament must weigh in if the UK is to leave the European Union (EU). Here is the really strange part: it may not have any long-term effect at all. Let’s explore. Continue reading Slowdown On The (Br)exit