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Slam, Bam And An Insincere Thank You Ma’am

It is the evening of Sunday September 24th as I write this op-ed for publishing tomorrow morning. I came up with its title on Tuesday September 18th. In it I’m predicting what will take place in the Senate Judiciary Committee later this week. I will not be able to be completely accurate on some details because despite supposedly diligent and exhausting negotiation as of this writing they are simply unresolved and therefore unknown. All that said I am confident that the title will be the final outcome in committee. Let’s explore. Continue reading Slam, Bam And An Insincere Thank You Ma’am

My President Is Morally Bankrupt

I try to make the Sunday story about the biggest political news of the week just ended. In order to accommodate my personal schedule I felt it was necessary to write a bit more ahead of schedule than normal; (in this case Thursday morning.) What I decided to do was write about the root of most of the big stories of the first six months of the Trump administration including last week. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is Morally Bankrupt