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Midwest John Portends New York City Don

Dateline and timeline: early “Florence Friday” evening Wake Forest, North Carolina. Thus far the effects of the hurricane haven’t been too bad in the Raleigh area. I experienced tolerable wind and rain along with a brownout late this morning and a complete power outage fifteen minutes in duration earlier this evening. I’m fortunate!

Midday today the surprising news of Paul Manafort’s cooperation agreement with Robert Mueller broke. As early as this morning I was holding fast to my prediction that Manafort wouldn’t flip. I felt he feared the Russian mob more than jail time. On top of that there was always the chance of a Trump pardon. It certainly appears I read that one incorrectly. All that said my overriding wish is that he is provided with outstanding security. Continue reading Midwest John Portends New York City Don

Cleanup On Aisle Thursday

This is not the first time that I have written an article like this and I can assure you it will not be the last. In fact I have been seriously thinking of making it a regular feature. It seems by the time we are a few days into the week there are so many things that I would like to cover that I end up with a “cleanup article”, usually published on Thursday. Much of this is caused by the plethora of sins being committed by President Trump and his enablers. Also there is just a lot going on in American politics. In any event, let’s explore.   Continue reading Cleanup On Aisle Thursday

Justifiable Treason? No Resign!

Trump has no reasonable legal defense against the mounting evidence of his crimes. Should, as expected, the Democrats take back the House in November his only hope is the court of public opinion influencing the Senate not to convict him in an impeachment proceeding. (Should he go before a court of law it is another matter entirely.) In my opinion his strategy has a slim chance of success, but when you are down seven with seconds to go you throw the Hail Mary. Let’s explore. Continue reading Justifiable Treason? No Resign!