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Insane, Arrogant, Insulting Or All Of The Above?

It is Sunday night as I pen this for Wednesday morning’s publishing. If all goes according to scheduling as of this writing today is the opening day of the House impeachment inquiry. With that in mind I want to look back at a few events of the recent past and what I anticipate some of the Republican distraction attempts will be in and around the hearings. Let’s explore. Continue reading Insane, Arrogant, Insulting Or All Of The Above?

Not For The First Time; What A Week!

It’s Friday afternoon as I commence penning this and as fast as things are developing please excuse me if I miss something big. Again, the week that just passed had so many big political stories that it is impossible to identify a single one as the biggest. With that in mind I want to comment on several. Let’s explore. Continue reading Not For The First Time; What A Week!

Predicting The Opponent

When I was coaching a great deal of my time was spent scouting upcoming opponents. Basketball isn’t that different from politics in that regard. Knowing what your opponent is likely to do along with their strengths and weaknesses is crucial in formulating a winning game plan.   In basketball (aside from tournaments) you know your opponent well in advance. In politics it is much more of a guessing game. For example, despite a rather lengthy series of articles about the 2016 election GOP field I never even wrote one about Donald Trump. Like most (including a lot of Republicans) I did not take his candidacy seriously until it was too late. With all that in mind let’s take a look at what I think are the nine (yes nine) possible 2020 Republican standard bearers. Continue reading Predicting The Opponent

Let’s See Now

Late last week in London with the international press assembled President Trump called the Mueller investigation a, “Rigged witch hunt.” His very clear implication is that it is merely politically motivated theatrics meant to undermine him and his administration. Let’s explore. Continue reading Let’s See Now

Is Charlie Coming?

It is very early Monday morning as I pen this and I think I may have figured something out. Donald Trump is a nominal Republican at best. Much like the Tea Party before him, he saw a political party that he could coopt for his own purposes. In his case it was a money grab that worked out better than he ever imagined it would. In order to further his organized criminal enterprise he has accommodated some of the Republicans’ most radical demands; now I think he may be setting things up to use one of their defenses. Let’s explore. Continue reading Is Charlie Coming?