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Oh Boy!

Well today’s article is somewhat of a continuation of yesterday’s article because; Oh boy did a lot happen while I was “away”. I’m certain to still be incomplete but let’s continue to explore. Continue reading Oh Boy!

Justifiable Treason? No Resign!

Trump has no reasonable legal defense against the mounting evidence of his crimes. Should, as expected, the Democrats take back the House in November his only hope is the court of public opinion influencing the Senate not to convict him in an impeachment proceeding. (Should he go before a court of law it is another matter entirely.) In my opinion his strategy has a slim chance of success, but when you are down seven with seconds to go you throw the Hail Mary. Let’s explore. Continue reading Justifiable Treason? No Resign!

The Diversion Game

I admit at first I fell for it; the “it” being Putin’s two pocketed poodle (a/k/a Donald Trump) launching a media diversion to get the Helsinki Disaster/security discussion off the front burner. Let’s explore.   Continue reading The Diversion Game

Needed: Better Bull

Monday the President of the United States stood next to the President of Russia and openly accepted his denial of interference into the 2016 election over the conclusions of his own intelligence community. That shocked America and much of the world prompting some people to go so far as to call it an act of treason. Tuesday Donald Trump tried to pull a 180 saying he had misspoke. Let’s explore. Continue reading Needed: Better Bull

The Most Powerful Man In America

Monday I saw undisputable proof of who the most powerful man in America currently is. Exactly how he got there is still somewhat of a question and I only see three possible explanations. The man is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Most Powerful Man In America