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Interesting Numbers

Donald Trump is doing a great job as President of the United States; just ask him and he will tell you so. In fact you don’t have to go to the trouble of asking; just attend a MAGA rally or listen to any speech he gives. For some time now there has been a new truism in Washington. It says that anytime Trump mentions a number he is lying. With all that in mind let’s explore some numbers that came out in the last few days. Continue reading Interesting Numbers


Donald Trump may well “win” his trade war with China. The reality is there will be no true winners; some parties will lose worse than others but America as a whole may be less bloodied than China. If the bluster does turn into a full blown trade war (which is difficult to tell with a coward/bully/bullshit artist like Trump) there will be significant American casualties even in “victory”. Let’s explore. Continue reading Casualties