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On Mitch Monday

Today I’d like to explore what would have been the biggest story in American politics last week had it been a normal week. That begs the question: Is any week normal in American politics in 2024?
Last week Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky announced that he would not be running to retain his leadership position when the next Congress convenes. That begs the questions: Why? And what happens next?

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Outraged? Remember In November

Notice: In order to cover today’s topic as I deem fit some of the language used and the subject matter of some portions may be a bit “too adult” to stay within what some would consider PG.

The news first got significant national attention last week Tuesday although the precipitating event actually occurred the preceding Friday. The event I speak of is the Alabama Supreme Court ruling that a frozen embryo is a child. That’s not a misprint, you read it correctly. I’m not saying it makes sense; in fact, my opinion is 180 degrees the opposite.

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Progressive Sweeping LVIII

I thought closing out November with a “sweeping” was as good a way as any, so here we go.

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Progressive Sweeping LI

I have a lot of comments and observations stored up. How many of them can I get to today?

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Progressive Sweeping XLIX

Fast and furious; that is how the political news keeps coming in. Today I’ll try and briefly comment on some of it.

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