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Is It Prudent To Rebuild

I have held the views I am expressing today for some time. My recent reading of The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodall only solidified, amplified and justified them. Climate change is real and some places are simply predictable targets of extreme weather which climate change will make more frequent and severe. We, as a society can no longer serve as an insurance policy for people who want to continue to rebuild in areas that are effectively doomed. However, like most things in modern life it is neither that simple nor that cut and dry. Let’s explore. Continue reading Is It Prudent To Rebuild


I just added The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodall to the Recommended Reading Section.  It is simultaneously a cautious and informative tale of the dangers of sea level rise especially on a developed civilization (i.e. America).  Goodall struck the right balance of science and readability to benefit the vast majority of us who are not scientists.