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Last Minute Gift? Give Knowledge

When I talk to young people I tell them if by the time they are forty years old when they look in the mirror if they don’t see their best teacher they did something wrong. I’m not going to sell math short and I agree with the emphasis put on STEM but reading is far and away the most important academic skill. Basically, if you can read you can teach yourself almost anything. Continue reading Last Minute Gift? Give Knowledge

Starting With A Nerdy Observation


If you are reading this on its publishing date you are reading it on Pi Day. I found it somewhat ironic and interesting that Felix Sater is scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee today. Pi Day is a very nerdy “holiday” and I’m certain the coincidence will be totally lost on Trump and his White House staff. Now on to clearing a bunch of tidbits out of my notes, please come along and let’s explore together. Continue reading Starting With A Nerdy Observation


I just added The Road to Unfreedom by: Timothy Snyder to the Recommended Reading List.

Professor Snyder presents perhaps the best history of Vladimir Putin’s Russia’s attempt to subvert the West, very much including America,  by using democracy against it in  a sort of mental judo strategy.

It’s been going on since about 2010 and still is to this day.