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Dog Days Clearance

During a normal summer August is the Dog Days of a long baseball season. This weekend we are approaching the halfway point of an abbreviated regular season. (Thanks to you and your willful ignorance President Trump.) As happens every few days, I have a bunch of tidbits pilling up in my “notes”. Today I’ll try to briefly cover some of them. Let’s explore. Continue reading Dog Days Clearance

What If One Decision Had Been Different?

A television show, a book and an article that I have long wanted to write all converged; (they didn’t walk into a bar – this is far from a joke). Let’s explore. Continue reading What If One Decision Had Been Different?

Things To Ponder Before 9pm

If things go according to plan President Trump will unveil his Supreme Court nominee at 9pm tonight. This time I think he will stick to his word because the prime time unveiling, like a reality show, suits Trump’s ego. I’m certain I will have a lot to say about the nominee, but don’t expect me to stay up late writing for tomorrow’s column. I have some thoughts I’d like to share with you to ponder in the interim. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Things To Ponder Before 9pm

Short Term Victory; Long Term Defeat

I was watching MSNBC last Tuesday evening. That’s no major revelation nor is it anything unusual. What was unusual was the hype the network gave to The Rachel Maddow Show that evening. Perhaps with the benefit of hindsight I understand what really happened a bit better. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Short Term Victory; Long Term Defeat