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Delivering White Privilege From Ignorance

I am neither a wealthy nor powerful man. However since I was born in America with white skin I’ve benefited from white privilege my entire life.  Unless there is a colossal change in American culture between here and the end of this journey I will continue to be the beneficiary of it.  That doesn’t mean I should be ignorant of or indifferent to the life others must endure or their ancestors endured.  Reading is one way to gain some of that knowledge.  Let’s explore. Continue reading Delivering White Privilege From Ignorance

Trump Is A Wartime President. He Is Just Failing Miserably!

Most President’s want to be consider among the best ever. After seeing his ego on display does anyone really doubt that Trump is among them? The best path to fame is by being a wartime President. It is also one of the best paths to a second term. The “don’t change horses in the middle of the stream” argument is pretty persuasive. The president’s first obligation is to keep America and Americans safe. I contend that Donald Trump is failing in that task. Let’s explore. Continue reading Trump Is A Wartime President. He Is Just Failing Miserably!


I just added The Plot To Destroy Democracy by Malcolm Nance to the Recommended Reading List. It is another masterpiece by Nance which does not require that you have read his previous works nor is it redundant. In it he clearly shows Russia’s efforts to destroy democracy via cyber interference in the democratic process in various western countries very much including America.

Nance is quickly becoming one of my favorite non-fiction authors because he is accurate and easy to read while portending the headlines of the near future. When they break you will not only say “I knew that” you will also understand what has happened.