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Progressive Sweeping XV

I’ll be hitting the road for a few days. This will be my last “live posting” until I get back. Seems like a perfect time to do some sweeping of my notes and email box.

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America A. T. – Part Seven

The following is the seventh installment in a series of undetermined duration and frequency about life in America after Trump (A.T.). For most Americans the phrase “Emoluments Clause” first came into their vocabulary during the last three years. Let’s explore. Continue reading America A. T. – Part Seven

4 Words And An Expression

About two weeks ago as I was preparing some articles to be written well ahead of time to accommodate my schedule when I thought about something somewhat positive Donald Trump had done for America. Off the top of my head I thought of four words and an expression he had brought back into America’s everyday vocabulary. Let’s explore. Continue reading 4 Words And An Expression

The Enshrinement Of Ted Kennedy

The Progressive Hall of Fame was inspired by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Much like some of its most worthy inductees today’s Progressive Hall of Fame inductee is honored not for his total self, but for his work “on the field”. In his case the field was the floor of the United States Senate. Continue reading The Enshrinement Of Ted Kennedy