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Another Thursday Outrage Recap

Thursday seems like my personal weekly Groundhog Day (the movie not the furry creature in Pennsylvania). This is another week where I’m using Thursday’s posting to recap just some of the recent outrages brought to us by our President and his enablers. Let’s explore. Continue reading Another Thursday Outrage Recap

The Due Date Is Coming

When the Trump Tower Tax Cut was signed I was among the many who predicted disaster. The evidence is clear that it will soon be upon us. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Due Date Is Coming

Mourning The Morning Papers

I was a day ahead on my writing and intended to take Tuesday off from writing. I woke up and read the New York Times and the Washington Post; all that changed. Let’s explore. Continue reading Mourning The Morning Papers

The Corporate Tax Cut

After a huge tax cut for the wealthiest veiled as Trumpcare failed again in late September the Republicans, aided by President Trump, immediately shifted their focus to what they call tax reform. Both were smokescreens for a tax cut. Trumpcare had little to do with health care and despite rhetoric to the contrary, Trump’s tax reform proposal has little to do with benefiting the middle class and everything to do with providing a return on investment to Republican financiers. Today I’d like to focus on just one of many fallacies in the “package”. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Corporate Tax Cut