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A Win For Now

As the weekend was coming to a close I was mentally budgeting time and space for this week’s articles. Suddenly a newsflash came across that changed a lot of planning and, at least temporarily, for the positive. Sunday the Army Corps of Engineers announced it was declining the request for an easement to build part of the Dakota Access Pipeline under Lake Oahe which is part of the Missouri River system. The victory may well be temporary but it is, at least in the moment, impactful. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Win For Now

Bright Side Con Job?

November 13th was the first Sunday after the election. In a quest to find some reason to be optimistic tellthetruthonthem.com published Looking At The Bright Side that day. In it I expressed the hope that the Congress could agree with President-elect Trump and pass a major infrastructure program. While I expected some self-dealing on the part of Trump and the normal political insider return on investment to financial backers I envisioned a program following a tradition government funded and publically owned model. Monday Paul Krugman, who apparently did more homework than I did, penned an op-ed in the New York Times entitled Build He Won’t that made me look very Pollyannaish. Let’s explore. Continue reading Bright Side Con Job?