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Something To Watch Between Ballgames And Legal Maneuvers

Bored by the Trump and Trump related legal happenings? Frustrated at scoreboard watching in the final weeks of the baseball season? Well, I have a diversion you for the rest of this month. Today the House returns from one of its many holiday vacations and the federal government’s budget runs out at the end of the month. This is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

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Thoughts, Fears and Hopes

I’m going to ramble a bit today. Independence Day has always been my favorite holiday. I think that may go back to growing up in Western New York where it was the holiday where I had the best chance of having baseball weather. Considerably later in life my wife and I actually had our first date on a July 4th. Today I’ll stick to politics with a bit of baseball thrown in at the conclusion.

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Progressive Sweeping XXIX

I’ll start out on all personal notes. As you can see, I’m back. My wife’s surgery was a success and the resulting somewhat ancillary (my degree is not in medicine!) tests came back negative which is huge! I probably took an extra day or two off, but I must admit having Easter and Dyngus Day off was nice. My Rays are 10-0 as I pen this so all is good on the personal front. Thank you to those who reached out to me!

Now on to politics, or at least a partial attempt to catch up. I have a feeling this will be a “two part – two-day effort”.

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The First Of Many

The big story of the week just passed is without a doubt Thursday’s indictment of Donald Trump. That day was also opening day of the 2023 MLB season and my Tampa Bay Rays won 4-0. Strange juxtaposition? I’ll tie them together one more time in the last paragraph.

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Get Somebody Up

Tomorrow is opening day for my Tampa Bay Rays so I’m in full baseball mode even when I’m writing about politics. The Republicans’ current situation reminds me of a team that knows it’s starter can’t finish the game but refuses to get a viable reliever up in the bullpen.

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