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Right Wing Dots

Again, a time stamp is necessary and it is Monday morning March 27, 2023. I want to present several far right wing “dots” and see if you are making similar connections. I use the term “far right wing” because that is what they are despite the fact that many of them seek legitimacy in the term “conservative”. While I am not a conservative I respect (and in some instances and circumstances actually agree with parts of that philosophy).   I contend that the words “conservative” and “crazy” are not synonyms. However, most of the actions depicted here are not those of true conservatives.

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Under 2018’s Tree

Today is Christmas the traditional day for gift giving and at tellthetruthonthem.com we like to leave some “wish gifts” under our mythical tree for a handful of progressives. In no particular order here is this year’s assortment. Continue reading Under 2018’s Tree