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Progressive Sweeping XXIII

It’s been a few weeks since my last stab at cleaning up my notes and inbox so I’ll dispense with a long intro paragraph. However, the irony that this is set to be published on Groundhog Day does not escape me.

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Time. It dictates so many things in life, very much including political life. As I thought about this article various songs about time ran through my head. I could not help but think back to a plethora of high school level practices where the clock prominently figured. I’ll commence the body of this piece with a paragraph on that. You were warned.

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Danger: Tin Foil Hats And Flames

Several recent articles have been written outlining the zaniness of today’s GOP. (Sorry no links today.) Today I’d like to cover a few of the most outrageous and dangerous.

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A Look Ahead: Predicting The Biggest Stories of 2023

Well, if you are reading this congratulations, you made it to 2023. I’d like to start the year out on a dangerous venture: predicting the five biggest American political stories of the year.

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Supreme Ideas

With good cause I have often criticized the Supreme Court. I am far from alone. Many ideas have been floated to help reform it. On December 11th, the Washington Post published Jennifer Rubin’s op-ed entitled, There is a path to save the Supreme Court from itself. That was the most comprehensive yet concise articulation of solutions I have read and it, in part, was the catalyst for this article. Continue reading Supreme Ideas