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Progressive Sweeping XLVI

It’s another one of those days where I will try and clear out the “notes” folders. Please buckle your seatbelts and come along.

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OP Money

I can’t remember exactly when or where I first hear it, but I learned the expression “OP money” decades ago. The “OP” stands for other people’s. Donald Trump has spent his life playing with other people’s money and today that includes the American taxpayers’ money. Let’s explore. Continue reading OP Money

Is It Prudent To Rebuild

I have held the views I am expressing today for some time. My recent reading of The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodall only solidified, amplified and justified them. Climate change is real and some places are simply predictable targets of extreme weather which climate change will make more frequent and severe. We, as a society can no longer serve as an insurance policy for people who want to continue to rebuild in areas that are effectively doomed. However, like most things in modern life it is neither that simple nor that cut and dry. Let’s explore. Continue reading Is It Prudent To Rebuild

More Than A River Joke

The biggest story of the last several weeks is one of a needed conversation that I fear isn’t going to occur – a serious and sincere discussion about how we are going to deal with climate change. There is an old joke about what is the longest river in the world. The punchline is an intentional mispronunciation of the African river Nile. That is the genesis of today’s title. Let’s explore. Continue reading More Than A River Joke

Work Ahead?

Congress is getting back in town today after another long vacation. It seems as time goes on each Congress is less productive than its predecessor. The cynical (sometimes including me) often wonder if they are actually capable of productivity. We will discover the answer to that this month. Let’s explore. Continue reading Work Ahead?