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Money Talks

In the aftermath of the voter suppression laws in Georgia there is much renewed talk of economic boycotts. Any of my regular readers know I am both a fan of and believer in this tactic. Like any other strategy it has its limitations.

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Just In Case You Missed It

This is another one of my catch up articles. It seems they are coming with greater frequency as it is impossible to cover all the transgressions of Trump and his sycophants. Sadly these are becoming my most important articles and they are still inadequate. Let’s explore. Continue reading Just In Case You Missed It

Who Had The Best Weekend?

Today’s title is a question that I intend to answer in the third last paragraph. In the process you will have to grant me a bit of leeway in my definition of the term “weekend”. Since I was a child I always thought of Friday as the beginning of the weekend. There were a variety of reasons –which I won’t bore you with – they evolved as I got older, but the basic premise of my reasoning remained. With that in mind let’s explore.   Continue reading Who Had The Best Weekend?

Maybe Money

Last week, like virtually every week of the Trump era, many stories were worthy of being named the biggest political story of the week but one in particular looked like the most impactful to me. It has to do with one of my pet peeves – the influence of money in politics and surprisingly I view it is potentially good. Let’s explore. Continue reading Maybe Money

Catchin’ Up

I’m back to my version of live blogging. What you have read for the past 12 days or so was written well in advance. A lot has happened during that time and I’d like to briefly touch on a few topics. Let’s explore. Continue reading Catchin’ Up