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Just What You (Didn’t) Need

Based on “ink” the biggest American political story of the week just ended was again the Trump hush money trial. You have been and will continue to be bombarded with news pieces that will predict the outcome. Anyone who claim they can do that is lying. I want to comment on that and more over the next few paragraphs and hopefully make the time you spend reading this worthwhile.

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Bet On Jack

I chose today for this article because I felt there was a good chance that the legal maneuverings in Miami might start in earnest today. Americans like to view political and legal events in terms of sports metaphors. As such, this is a matchup between Donald Trump and Jack Smith. There is very good reason to believe that it is a series as opposed to a one-and-done.

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The Original Error

Business, politics, policy and basketball; it’s amazing how their lessons intersect. My degree is in management, I currently write about American politics which necessitates that I explore policy. The basketball is just a part of me that influences my decision making but has nothing to do with today’s article. I promise you it gets much more interesting. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Original Error