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Republicans Save Yourselves

I doubt anyone in my true target audience for today (the 53 Republican senators) will read this article. However it is my analysis of exactly what is going on at the moment. The event that dominated the political news last week and will continue to for at least this week is the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The main reason it is coming into this week is the endeavor to please Trump. That is coupled with a hunger for TV time. I suspect, and time will tell, that it also may include the fact that Midnight Mitch McConnell is much smarter than Trump. That is an indisputable fact; I just don’t know if it is a factor yet. Let’s explore.     Continue reading Republicans Save Yourselves

Not Just Another Wednesday In Washington

I’m basically a retired guy. I chair the Board of one small non-profit and write this column. Those are my only “work type” obligations. I read a lot and very much enjoy my wife and grandchildren. It is Wednesday afternoon as I commence writing this. Normally the Thursday article would have been written hours ago. It just so happens that I had several meetings or events over the last three days (and another tonight). Back in my working days that was a light schedule but now it is much more than I am accustomed to. Therefore I started writing this several hours later than is the norm. That may have been a blessing in that it gave me an entirely new topic to explore, please come along. Continue reading Not Just Another Wednesday In Washington

$225 million Spanking

I must have too much time on my hands because on Friday I watched Donald Trump’s entire statement and press conference from the Rose Garden. It went on for about an hour. The speech, if you can call it that, was an oral flatulence word salad that often failed to make sense, contained a plethora of long debunked lies which have earned bottomless Pinocchios from the Washington Post and resembled watching the ball in a pinball machine careen off objects on its inevitable plunge toward the lowest point available. Let’s explore. Continue reading $225 million Spanking

Trump’s Next Career?

Someday Donald Trump’s presidency will come to an end one way or another. While I am among those who hope it happens in 2019 and thinks the most likely outcome is resignation I could be wrong. In any event it will end and unless that is the result of his death or incarceration he will need a next act. Today I’d like to propose one. Let’s explore. Continue reading Trump’s Next Career?

Nancy Spanked Donald

There are a plethora of serious topics I could write about today. In fact the root topic of this article is deadly (both figuratively and literally) serious but I want to approach it from a humorous angle because it is one of the few news items of late that actually made me laugh. Be prepared for me to flirt with losing my PG rating and let’s explore. Continue reading Nancy Spanked Donald