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Under The ’23 Christmas Tree

Today is Christmas and it’s time for tellthetruthonthem.com to pass out some mythical gifts to deserving progressives and one special one at the end. This year’s list may be a bit shorter than some of its predecessors but I’m sure that will be appreciated by most readers who have more interesting things to do today.

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A Moment And A Photo

Today’s article will cover two events. To me they were the biggest outrages of the week just ended (and that’s a pretty high bar to clear). Let’s explore. Continue reading A Moment And A Photo

Dangerous “Dirty Donald”

Maybe it’s my age. Perhaps it’s the way my strange mind works. Thursday night when my wife told me of President Trump’s disinfectant comment during his daily TV show I fell silent for a bit (yes, very odd for me) then a scene from an old movie flashed in my mind. Let’s explore. Continue reading Dangerous “Dirty Donald”

Under The 2017 Xmas Tree

As has become a tradition at tellthetruthonthem.com, on Christmas Day we give out mythical gifts to several progressives. (It also makes for an easy “write ahead” article and gives me more time off to spend with family.) In no particular order here are this year’s recipients and their gifts. Continue reading Under The 2017 Xmas Tree