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4 Senators And Other Distractions

It’s Monday afternoon as I pen this. The rules under which the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump will be conducted are to be established and opening arguments are slated to begin tomorrow; (yesterday as you read this). The fact that the rules of a Senate impeachment trial are slated to be established on Day 2 of the trial is an oddity to say the least. In fact as of this writing the House Managers (think: prosecutors) are scheduled to deliver their opening remarks Tuesday sans any idea what rules (think: constraints) they will be operating under. Add to that the fact that four members of the jury are running for president and you can see that we have a lot to explore. Continue reading 4 Senators And Other Distractions

Maybe Money

Last week, like virtually every week of the Trump era, many stories were worthy of being named the biggest political story of the week but one in particular looked like the most impactful to me. It has to do with one of my pet peeves – the influence of money in politics and surprisingly I view it is potentially good. Let’s explore. Continue reading Maybe Money

Probabilities And Possibilities

I’m back to my version of live blogging which means I’m writing an op-ed the day before publishing, (most often the morning before). Predicting what is going to happen in the Trump era is almost as impossible as accurately writing about the 23rd century. Tuesday, January 15th promises to be a big news day. I’d like to briefly comment on four topics of the day: Brexit, the Trump Shutdown 3.0, Steve King and Bill Barr. Let’s explore. Continue reading Probabilities And Possibilities

Never Get Beat Twice

The title of today’s article comes from my coaching days. I was reminded of it last week when President Trump did a déjà vu, made for TV event in, “The studio.” (“The studio,” is a direct quote from Trump.) There is plenty to be disgusted with here. Let’s explore. Continue reading Never Get Beat Twice

Color Me Skeptical

By the time you read this the government shutdown should be over. That is a good thing. I am skeptical as to what it accomplished. Let’s explore. Continue reading Color Me Skeptical