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The Missing Name

I suppose since I do political commentary and the Iowa Caucus was earlier this week I should comment. If you wanted surprises, you should have watched the NFL playoffs. That said I still think I have an observation or two worth your time.

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Primary Cover?

Very late Tuesday afternoon heading into the early evening I was at soccer practice with my oldest grandson. (Like most Americans I “wear a lot of hats” and without a doubt my favorite is grandfather.) That’s when the news started to come in of counsel withdrawing from the Roger Stone prosecution in protest. Later that evening I watched New Hampshire Primary results with my wife. I content that the timing of these events was not coincidental. Let’s explore. Continue reading Primary Cover?

A Week Of Three Stories

Sunday’s subject is most often the biggest political story of the week just passed. This week there were three huge stories that I have not covered to this point. There is a lot to try to cover so let’s explore.   Continue reading A Week Of Three Stories

You Don’t Have To Finish Second To Get The Silver Medal

2020 will be a summer Olympics year and in American politics it is already 2020. With that in mind I thought I’d compare getting a silver medal and being chosen to be the running mate on the Democratic ticket. Let’s explore. Continue reading You Don’t Have To Finish Second To Get The Silver Medal