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The convergence of the pandemic and “Phase II” of my retirement has provided an increased opportunity to do more reading than I had planned on. (The main objectives of “Phase II” were to allow me to do more reading and writing. I’ve done a much better job on the additional reading.) I want to share four brief passages and an abbreviated version of their applicability to today. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Passages


Last week I read an advance copy of Solomon Goldstein-Rose’s book The 100% Solution: A Plan for Solving Climate Change which is not scheduled to be released in America until March 31st.

Goldstein-Rose is only 26 and the perspective of his generation is especially important on this issue.  It is the best blueprint for combatting climate change I have seen by far!  He takes into account practicality and reality in his proposed comprehensive solution.  It is far from some pie in the sky plan or sanctimonious sermon.

I strongly suggest you place an advance order with your independent bookseller.