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Sustainable ?

Saturday approximately 800,000 mostly young people gathered in Washington, D.C. to demand sensible gun regulations in America. Millions of others held similar demonstrations in cities across America and around the world. The catalyst of this movement is the Valentine’s Day mass murder in a Florida high school. The problem is much deeper. To date the movement has had a modest positive impact and has the potential to be the equal of the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War movements. I don’t question its potential; I primarily worry about its sustainability.    Continue reading Sustainable ?

Persuasion 2018 – Part Three

In today’s installment of my series on persuasion I want to concentrate on one target demographic: young people. You will find a lot of similar strategies for activating young voters and women. News flash to the old, white men of the GOP: women are people. Let’s explore. Continue reading Persuasion 2018 – Part Three

Today’s Plantation Mentality

I bet you expected a DACA article today. It’s coming (scheduled for Sunday) and with a different twist than anyone would have expected. Today I wanted to talk about a disturbing trend in employment reinforced by federal court rulings that enable and strengthen it. Let’s explore. Continue reading Today’s Plantation Mentality