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Be Careful Out There

I will admit (rather proudly) that I am among the most cautious when it comes to exposing myself to COVID-19. That is mainly due to a fortunate convergence of circumstances and prudence. I fully realize not everyone is as lucky as I am in most if not all of those categories but that still doesn’t excuse irresponsible behavior.

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4 Candidates

I often ponder which state has the craziest Republicans. To truly determine that I’d have to analyze words and actions right down to the state legislative level and I simply lack sufficient resources to do a credible job of that. Today I want to submit four nominees after reading Catherine Rampell’s op-ed entitled, Red states are now paying people not to get vaccinated, in the Washington Post.

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The Cost Of Bad Behavior

The data for this article is based on the 14-day rolling average of new coronavirus infections in America. The conclusion comes from my ability to do critical thinking. The warning is prudent but it’s probably a lot like the clergyperson who preaches to the assembled faithful in the house of worship about service attendance. Out of a sense of moral obligation I’m going to do it anyway. Continue reading The Cost Of Bad Behavior