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Stop Wasting Our Money

Last week was a huge political news week. Killings by and of police, the President in Warsaw, Poland for an important (and in America largely overshadowed NATO conference), another week of the 2016 Presidential campaign and many Republican dominated state legislatures doing their destruction acts. With all that to consider I’m still picking the Hillary Clinton e-mail situation as the biggest story of last week but in a way many readers wouldn’t expect. Continue reading Stop Wasting Our Money

A Big Picture Conclusion

Unlike most bloggers I don’t write and publish immediately. This is especially true when I deal with shootings and terrorist events. I have learned that the initial reports and reality often have much more of a gap than I am comfortable with. I’m not criticizing the media. They try and do the best they can. It’s just as things quickly unfold some accounts are later found to be less than totally accurate. I moved another article to a future publishing date in order to accommodate today’s comments. My topic today is the shootings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Falcon Heights, Minnesota and Dallas, Texas. Continue reading A Big Picture Conclusion