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America’s April Fools

Today is April Fools’ Day and I write political op-eds. So, I thought what would be more appropriate than to write an article about the biggest fool to occupy the White House in my lifetime? We have had several bad presidents in my lifetime but the choice of the biggest fool is glaringly obvious: Donald Trump. Since April has thirty days I thought I’d list thirty examples of his foolishness (in no particular order); there are many more and I might not even get the top thirty but you have other things to do today.

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Too Many Questions To Confirm

Dateline and timeline: “Florence Sunday” afternoon Wake Forest, North Carolina. I don’t want to jinx myself by prematurely declaring the threat is over, but thus far I’ve been spared any significant hardships from Hurricane Florence. However the Washington Post delivered a “storm” to my inbox a bit ago.

I have been opposed to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court largely due to “circumstantial evidence”; succinctly put, I don’t feel Donald Trump should be able to nominate a Supreme Court Justice under the current cloud surrounding his presidency. I realize that elections have consequences and that I’m not going to love any nominee any Republican puts forward based on our opposing political philosophies. Today my objection to Kavanaugh crosses the bridge from theoretical and philosophical to personal. I seriously question whether Kavanaugh has the integrity and moral character to sit on the Court.   Continue reading Too Many Questions To Confirm

Of Quotes And Questions

As part of my writing process I make note to myself when I get a particular idea or come across an interesting quote so that I may use them in a future piece. As part of my Broad Street Bullies theory the Trump administration commits more transgressions than I can possibly cover. Juxtapose those two facts and you have today’s “catchup” article. Let’s explore. Continue reading Of Quotes And Questions

21st Century Censorship

One of my biggest fears when Donald Trump was inaugurated was that he would circumvent the First Amendment and impose censorship. His Bubba placating wars with the media appeared to set the stage. With the benefit of about a year’s worth of hindsight it appears he is well on the way to achieving that objective to at least to the degree he deems necessary. However, he and some fellow fascists around the globe are doing it in a different way than I originally envisioned. Let’s explore. Continue reading 21st Century Censorship