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If, Then And One

It may be a bit like counting the chickens before they hatch, but at this point I still assume the Democrats will retain control of the Senate. A lot can change between now and Election Day but there is one thing I am certain of: if the Republicans should happen to gain control of the upper chamber (and I won’t rule that out completely) it won’t be by a 51-49 margin; or not for long anyway.

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The Stench – Part II

Today’s article is basically a continuation of yesterday’s. I’ll try to cover many of the other things that happened last week that I think stink. The culprits, with one exception, are Republicans and I’ll conclude with a Democrat caught in a situation that stinks.

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The Manchin Question

A lot of Democrats, especially the more progressive ones, are running around wondering what to do about West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. In the immediate the answer is nothing to motivate him to leave the party. After that it get a bit more involved but really doesn’t change that much; from a direct action standpoint anyway.

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