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Oh, And Then

The most frustrating part of writing this blog is that despite all the latitude I have I still can never seem to touch on everything I’d like to. Today’s article is another of the catch up variety.

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I just added Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service by Washington Post writer Carol Leonnig  to the Recommended Reading List.

In it, the always understated Leonnig explores the Secret Service concentrating on the period of the JFK to the Trump administrations.  It will go down as the seminal book on the agency.  Typical of big business and government agencies it has a lot of problems.  It is under resourced  along with a lot of “old boy” and CYA culture issues typical of many police organizations.

Deleting Emails

I have various methods of storing tidbits that I may want to cover in an upcoming op-ed. Among them is to email an article to myself.  Needless to say they all don’t get covered and they accumulate.  Periodically I delete them for one of various reasons; the optimal is that I include them in an article.  Today I want to execute the optimal solution in a few cases; let’s explore. Continue reading Deleting Emails

My President Is The Poster Child For Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Manchild President Donald Trump has been the prime example of waste, fraud and abuse in government since the first day of his term; starting with the $100 million dollar inauguration. Sunday he outdid himself. Let’s explore.   Continue reading My President Is The Poster Child For Waste, Fraud and Abuse