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Going Down With Trump

Despite the fact that to any knowledgeable political operative he is a terrible candidate Donald Trump appears to be destined to get the 2024 GOP presidential nod; at this early point anyway and barring his demised I don’t see that changing. Continue reading Going Down With Trump

Progressive Sweeping XXVII (+)

Today I will present you with what I can briefly cover of the last fortnight’s American political events thus far neglected along with a special note at the conclusion.

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Progressive Sweeping XXV

Catch up with a generous portion of snark. That’s what’s on the menu today. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping XXV

Dueling Dilemmas

Prediction: The winner of the 2024 presidential election will be either the Democratic or Republican nominee. If that doesn’t sound like much of a news flash to you then let’s explore how we might get there. That will be a lot more interesting! Going into primary season each party has a dilemma and we could also see a twist not seen since the days of George Wallace and Ross Perot.

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Progressive Sweeping XIX

This is my final “live” posting of 2022. There will be articles published on all the normal days but they will be “pre-recorded”. Let’s briefly cover a few items today.

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