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A Conversation And A Night’s Sleep

It was Tuesday afternoon. I had just posted Wednesday’s article to the cloud or wherever it goes until it is actually published. (Contrary to common believe, I am far from a computer wizard!) I wanted to write Thursday’s article but felt I needed to wait for some things to play out. I received some sad news about one of my dearest friend’s family and decided to call him. As is typically when we chat one of the topics of our conversation was politics. We compared notes on Paul Ryan’s status and the implications of what we both felt was his pending announcement that he would not seek reelection.  Wednesday morning our suspicions were conformed. Today I’d like to explore that and make a few other observations.    Continue reading A Conversation And A Night’s Sleep

The Fast And The Are You Serious?

If the Trump administration has done nothing else it has given people like me plenty to write about. My biggest problem is that I cannot possible comment on everything I would like to. Today I’d like to do a sort of catch up article. I want to touch on several things one paragraph at a time. Come along. Continue reading The Fast And The Are You Serious?

This Is The Work Of The Best And The Brightest?

Desperately seeking something to claim as a victory before the 100 day mark, last week the Trump administration unveiled what it titled the, “2017 Tax Reform for Economic Growth and American Jobs,” subtitled: “The Biggest Individual And Business Tax Cut In American History”. It was so amateurish that it was laughable. It was literally a one pager with several bullet points. Decades ago had I submitted something like that in management school I would have been laughed out of the class as the instructor balled up the paper and threw it back in my face. This is the product of what Trump promised us would be only the best and the brightest that he would surround himself with? Continue reading This Is The Work Of The Best And The Brightest?