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Rule Of Philosophy

You will often hear pundits and politicians say that America is a country of laws. In 2021, Is it?

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Not Yet (But Almost Undoubtedly Later)

To paraphrase George Orwell the three branches of the federal government are equal but in reality the Supreme Court is more equal. The legislative branch can pass a bill, the President can sign it into law and the Supreme Court can then invalidate it – pretty much end of story. Continue reading Not Yet (But Almost Undoubtedly Later)

A Lot Of Turkeys

I’m of a generation that in our early adulthood disparagingly called a person we considered dimwitted a “turkey”. Being a city boy I cannot speak from firsthand knowledge but the reputation of the turkey is that of being one of the least intelligent farm animals, hence the expression or so I have been told.  Last week President Trump pardoned three turkeys and only two were of the feathered variety.  There was another action, largely by his nominees that if not criminal was what in my twenties I would have called of the turkey variety.  It was capped off by him and his immediate family acting in less than an intelligent manner (to be kind).  Let’s explore.     Continue reading A Lot Of Turkeys

A Monday Night In Durham And DC

Fair warning: If you read just a bit between the lines of the opening and closing paragraphs this article violates my PG rating pledge.

Monday evening I underwent an anally invasive medical procedure at a Durham, North Carolina hospital. Monday evening the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Using poetic license I contend that there wasn’t much difference. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Monday Night In Durham And DC